“To make art, you need the artist, the inspiration and the methodology.”

My inspiration usually comes from simple photographs of people of and from all ages. An intriguing photograph can seem to freeze time and remind one of similar images we have seen. I look for humanity from the past and commonality of spirit.

Even as a child, I was interested in classical art and art history. I have marvelled that a painting of an Egyptian diver on a tomb wall could remind me of a dive off a cottage point. Or a child peering between columns of legs in a family photo, would remind me of the Caryatids holding up the walls to the Erechtheion in Ancient Greece. People and their characteristics seem the same throughout the ages.  And I have made an attempt to capture time in all my pieces…a watch, an image sliding across the canvas, details clear and sharp, or blurred and hazy to decipher, like a memory.

My methodology comes from respect for the media: the surface of a canvas with its warp and weft rough under my touch or the canvas surface polished as smooth as hot press paper waiting for airbrush and paint. And blank surfaces are always present in my pieces: a stand-in for the viewer’s imagination and a salute to the medium itself. As for paint application? As thick as an oil stick or as smooth as the touch of an airbrush, colour is always the challenge in this partnership of artist and media…and my greatest delight. Colour is magic.

These are what I have discovered in my voyage into the world of art.