“Best Friends Goldens” was so much fun to do. Author Mary Krangle and I completed the storyboard in just one afternoon and I was eager to begin. I smiled throughout this project! Who couldn’t giggle at three mischievous golden retrievers, funny cows, squawking chickens and muddy pigs! It is a timeless treasure.

The “S is for Swim” book written by Margaret LeGear is designed for young children as an introduction to safe swimming with adults. Many children have a fear of water and swimming, so I tried to design a book that featured little ones safely and carefully begin their swim lessons. I alternated their illustrations with those of animals who have learned to swim as well, using gentle colours and friendly faces of creatures, happy and sometimes goofy, in the water with their own family members.

“New Friends in Olivia’s Garden “ was a continuation of stories from “Olivia’s Garden”. This book examined the various creatures who visited Olivia, Karen and Mira the cat in the garden….bees, crows, squirrels, skunks and even a black and yellow spider named Ziggy!

“Memories of Papa” was a joy to create with author Sharon Nichols. I had read “The Hidden Life of Trees” and was intrigued with the symbolism of how trees connect with and protect each other, so the spruce trees became an inspiration for the importance of family and family traditions. I loved creating the characters of Karry, her grandfather and her daughter. 

I was thrilled that “Memories of Papa” won a Canada Book Award in 2020 for dedication, passion and creative achievement!

“Olivia Garden “ was my first attempt at illustration and collaboration with an author and friend, Diane Seufert Tait. Following the text forces an artist, attempting illustration, to explore the topic at hand. I was fortunate to have a patient writer who gently corrected me as I researched the various herbs that were characters in Olivia’s garden. I loved creating visuals for the characters of Mugsy Mugwort, the crabby Mint Sisters, Mira the cat and of course, the faerie Olivia herself!